My Amazing Husband!

Bill in training for the 2012 Ringside World Championships Masters Division

My husband made his goal of 178 pounds, a total loss of 72 pounds since going whole foods plant-based on December 27, 2011.  Since February, he started cardio boxing to get fit, which quickly turned into actual boxing training for the 2012 Ringside World Championships happening in Kansas City, MO July 30th-August 4th, 2012.  He feels better than ever, with increased, strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance.  Being plant-based, following the Engine 2/Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease plan has made all the difference.  I am so proud of his accomplishments! Can’t wait for Ringside Worlds!

2 thoughts on “My Amazing Husband!”

  1. Hello; Great job on your progress and good luck with the Boxing. I am 5’7″ and 220lbs. I understand that you are following a plant based diet as of last year. I also did the same in November 2011. I worked my butt off to get below 200. I’m back at 220 though as of yesterday. What foods do you use to fuel your workouts and matches? Do you count calories? I have been H.I.I.T training with kettlebells and dumbells. Maybe my down fall is coffee and agave nectar…?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Very frustrated especially when I see my wife do so well with the switch…

    1. Justin, we follow the Engine 2 plan exclusively. It has no added oils, only 1 tablespoon if sweetener per day. You should check out my newsletter at the top of my blog to see what we eat. Are you following Engine 2 or just being vegan?

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