The Dry Goods Pantry


The beans and grains cupboard in my pantry. I like to keep a variety of beans and grains/seeds on hand in case I get a creative moment and want to whip up a new recipe. These are some of the items I have at the moment. I am almost out of lentils – eek! We use green lentils mostly, but have been enjoying black lentils a lot lately! Yellow split peas and cannellini beans are probably my favorites. What dry goods do you always be sure to have in the pantry?

One thought on “The Dry Goods Pantry”

  1. Yuuummmm! I love chi chi’s (or garbanzo beans). I started to make a dessert hummus for my kids and they love it! I always have a few types of rice but I want to start eating lentils more often. I don’t have much experience with them, but understand how great they are for us. Oh, and oatmeal is a must for breakfasts.

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